Vision and Mission Agriculture Faculty

Vision and Mission

Vision of Agriculture Faculty of Paktia University:

To be the leading center providing students responsive education, farmers responsive training and services for development of Agriculture and agro-industry

Mission of Agriculture Faculty of Paktia University:

Agriculture aims to impart a technical education in Agriculture and related areas. The college creates, integrates, & shares knowledge to meet the objectives

Objectives of Agriculture Faculty, Paktia University:

  • To provide the best relevant education to the students in Agriculture, Processing and allied sciences.
  • Present to the society well trained professional experts.
  • To promote research and training on sustainable development of agricultural productivity
  •  To encourage the youths on entrepreneurship and rural development
  • To promote agriculture sector of our country

Academic Staff of the Agriculture Faculty of Paktia University:

In the year 1397, the number of professional lecturers in the Faculty of Agriculture was 39. Most of them had studied their Masters or PhDs in Japan, India, France, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Out of 39 professional lecturers 4 lecturers had Doctoral Degree, 32 lecturers had Master degree and the remaining 3 lecturers had bachelor degree. Most of the lecturers published their research papers in international and national journals.