About university

The Governor office of Paktia Province presented a proposal (No: 1264) to the Transitional government of Afghanistan to make a University of Paktia in 03/07/2003, And according to the order (No: 4286), it was recognized as a non-profit and a bachelor graduate-based level foundation in 16/10/2003.

Paktia University began and started its first function in (Agricultural and Education) faculty in1383. Paktia University had 35 graduated students in 2005. This foundation is based on academic, administrative and management strategies. Which is manage by the Chairman of Paktia University under the laws and regulations of the country.

By the permission of the Islamic government of Afghanistan, the University of Aryana which was in Peshawar City, Pakistan government, three faculty (Medical, Engineering, Law and Political Science) combined with Paktia University in 2010. The above three faculty doing its work from 1390 up to now under the chart roles of Paktia university. Also, the Faculty of Literature and Literacy began in 2013, Economics Faculty began in 2015 based on social needs in Paktia University chart.