Dean of the Engineering Faculty

Introduction of the Dean of Engineering Faculty of Paktia University

Name: Fazlurahman Haqyar

Level of Education: Master's

Occupation: Lecturer, civil Department, Faculty of Engineering

Professor Diploma Engineer Fazlur Rahman Haqyar was born in the year 1972 AH in Abdul Rahim Khel (Adarm Khel) village of Sayed Karam district of Paktia province, son of Nazar Muhammad. He completed his primary and secondary education at Amarkhil Middle School in Sarkhrod district of Nangarhar province and completed his secondary education at Nangarhar University's of preparatory faculty.

Professor Fazlurahman Haqyar was enrolled in Nangarhar University Engineering Faculty in 1989 and graduated from Civil Engineering Department in 1994. He was appointed as a technical member of the Indragandhi Hospital reconstruction project in the Afghan construction team under the Ministry of Public Welfare in Kabul since 1995, and then in 1996 as a technical member of the Planning and Program Department. But at the end of the same year, due to family and economic problems, he was forced to leave his job and engage in personal affairs. Mr. Haqyar was appointed to the Department of Mines and Industries of Nangarhar in 2000, where he worked in financial and engineering fields. When the Afghan University was transferred from Pakistan to Khost province in 2003, it was named Khost University and then it renamed Sheikh Zayed University. He served as volunteer lecturer for almost a year, then he officially employed as an academic member in the Civil Engineering Department of the Engineering Faculty of Sheikh Zayed University in 2004.

Professor Fazlur Rahman Haqyar served as the Deputy Dean of Engineering Faculty in Sheikh Zayed University as well as he was contributed as member of academic board and member of different committees at the university. He officially shifted from Sheikh Zayed University to Paktia University in 20012, and in 2013 he started master program in Kabul Polytechnic University and continued his academic job after graduation from Hydraulic and Hydraulic Structures Department of Kabul Poly Technic University in 2015.

 It is worth mentioning that in the past twenty years, Mr. Haqyar has translated academic materials in addition to teaching and editorial works, and has also written research articles and papers that have been published in various national and international scientific journals. He has also compiled a book named “Water Supply Engineering” which will be published and the book will be used as textbook in the universities. Meanwhile, it will be a source for engineering professionals.