Biography of Dean of Faculty agriculture

Biography of Dean of Faculty agriculture Brief Biography of the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Paktia, University, Paktia, Gardiz, Afghanistan Name: Associate Prof. (Dr.) Abdul wahab Hekmat Education: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Occupation: Dean & lecturer of Agriculture Faculty Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Wahab Hekmat Son of Ghulam Hazrat was born in 1984 at Karmashi Village of Gardiz City, Paktia Province, Afghanistan. He Joined Kamashinary High School at Peshwar Pakistan and he completed his Secondary at Shamshato High School, and finally he graduated from Abdul Hay Gardizi High School in 2000. Dr. Hekmat participated at entrance exam (Kankor National exam) in 2000, and passed to Agricultural faculty of Kabul University, Kabul Afghanistan. He got his B.Sc. degree with higher marks from Agronomy Department in 2005. Soon after his graduation from the Kabul University, he joined Paktia University and worked as an Assistant Professor at Agronomy Department, Agriculture Faculty, Paktia University. After one year in 2007 he went to India and joined UAS, GKVK, Bangalore and started his master degree and after successfully completion of his master degree in 2010 he returned back to his country and joined his work. He worked for 3 year and in 2013 he got scholarship from the ministry of higher education of Afghanistan and he went once again to India and he joined SHUATS University for Ph.D. and in 2016 after successfully completion of his doctoral degree in Agronomy he returned back to Afghanistan and in 2017 he worked as a Vice chancellor of Paktia University and in 2018 he nominated for the position of Dean of Agriculture and recently he is working as a Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Paktia University. It is also important to mention that he has conducted several researches and published several research/papers at national and international journals.