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3-Vision and Mission


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1-About Us

1-1-What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is a people-serving profession concerned with the planning, design, construction and operation of large complex systems such as buildings and bridges, water purification and distribution systems, highways, rapid transport and rail systems, airports, tunnels and underground construction, dams, and power generating systems. Civil engineering also includes urban and city planning; water, land pollution and treatment problems; and disposal of hazardous wastes and chemicals. The recent revolution in computers, communications and data management has provided new resources that are widely used by the professional civil engineers in providing safe, economical and functional facilities to serve our society.

We welcome prospective students, current students, former students, companies’ owners, professional colleagues, and friends, and we hope you find this site helpful. Please feel free to contact the department with any questions, comments, or suggestions. We appreciate your interest and your input.                      

2- Department History

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2010. It admitted its first set of under graduate students in the same year as the Aryana University transferred from Pakistan. The Department offers undergraduate degree program leading to the Bachelor of Engineering Degree (BSc).

The Department is devoted to prepare graduates for professional practices, development in the design, construction and maintenance of structures (buildings, bridges, towers etc.), sanitary systems (water supply, sewage disposal etc.) and transportation systems (streets, highways, airports etc.). The curriculum is planned to provide the graduate with solid foundation in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Fundamentals. In addition, the program focuses on various applications of these engineering fundamentals and acquisition of skills needed to function effectively as a professional in the society. Graduates of the Department are prominent in government agencies, industries, consulting firms, construction companies and academia.

The Civil Engineering Department is run under the leadership of the Head with having 13 professional lecturers, who is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor through the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. As one of the foremost departments of the University, it has grown steadily since its establishment, and it presently has full complement of academic, technical, and administrative staff. It is not well equipped with laboratories in the major disciplines of Civil Engineering yet.

Since inception, the Department has produced about 521 graduates from the undergraduate program who have been working competently in the various governmental and non-governmental organizations.


The Civil Engineering Department will do extremely well in undergraduate instruction, in all sub-areas of civil engineering, and in service to the public steady with educational development mission of the university. The Department will make significant contributions to the economic development of the province, region and nation.


The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering in Engineering Faculty of Paktia University is to provide quality education to prepare nationally competitive undergraduate students for a successful career in civil engineering; to provide advanced skills and knowledge in state-of-the-art research and design in sub-areas of civil engineering for graduate students; and to provide service to the university, engineering profession, and the public.


BSc. Civil Engineering

5- Biography of the Head of Department 




The Civil Department can be contacted during the office hours 08:30 – 16:30 from Saturdays to Thursdays. Enquiries are also dealt during these hours. However, it is recommended that prior to visiting the Department, availability of the concerned staff should be sought in order to avoid any possible inconvenience.

9-1-Mail and Phone

Mail should be addressed as follows:

Department of Civil Engineering

Engineering Faculty of Paktia University

Gardez, Paktia


staff phone numbers are listed in the Civil Engineering Directory.

For every suggestion and feedback please contact the Dean’s Office:

9-2-Student Inquiries

9-2-1-Undergraduate Enquiries

If you are a current or prospect undergraduate student and require any help or assistance, you can contact or visit respective Class Advisors who shall be happy to extend support and guide you to seek help from the appropriate member of staff.

9-2-2-Graduate Enquiries

Any graduate enquiries shall be made to Dean of the Engineering Faculty on who shall be able to assist you in any possible manner.