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Pohanmal Obaidullah Akhundzadah son of Mawlawi Abdul-Jalil Akhundzadah is from Logar Province, Pol-e-Alam City, Kinjak Village. He was born in 1997. He studied primary school and religious studies in Khyber Pakhtonkhwa of Pakistan during the emigration. He studied middle school at the School of Pork and high school at the Kolangar Jahadi High School in the Logar Province. After passing the Kankor exam, he was selected for Law and Political Science Faculty of Nangarhar University. He got bachelor degree from Nangarhar University, Law and Political Science Faculty, Department of Diplomacy.

After that,  he started master studies in 2018 in the Master Program of Law and Political Science Faculty of Kabul University and accomplished these studies in 2019. He has been working as lecturer in Administration and Diplomacy Department of Law and Political Science Faculty of Paktia University since 2011. Along with lecturing, he has worked as head of department and head of faculty. He also has worked in different committees. He has written various textbooks and published several academic articles on national and international journals. On 27/10/2021, he was selected as Chancellor of Paktia University by the Ministry of Higher Education of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. 


Pohanmal Obaidullah Akhundzadah

Chancellor of Paktia University 

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Chancellor Of Paktia University