History of Computer science faculty

Introduction and History 


21st century is the period of computer and information technology. In this era, the person, community or nation is the strongest that is well equipped with technology and have more access to information. The information technology and computer are used in current century in all aspects of life such as, security, commerce, agriculture, education, research and so on. Through information technology, contemporary human being can manage busy and stuck life. Without technology, it is difficult to be geared to the fast developments of the world. The technology is not only considered to be the source of information but it is essential for human developments. The advanced economy can also be initiated and built by technology. Thus, to achieve these goals, the Ministry of Higher Education approved and established the Faculty of Computer Science under the framework of Paktia University in 1398.

The establishment of the Computer Science Faculty in the field of IT is a valuable step regarding development and fulfilling the needs of the country. To fulfill the pledge of Paktia University, this Faculty would retain the process of attracting numerous interested people and providing high quality learning. The bachelor studies are covered in eight semesters. The first four semesters of the two years include general subjects. The rest of the semesters carry proffessional subjects which are in two areas of study: information systems and network engineering. All the theoretical and practical lessons of the Computer Science Faculty are taught by using modern technology. For practical learning of the students, this Faculty includes modern and equipped computer laboratory, technical personnel, rotors, switches, access points and so on. Each student of the last semester must write down and present the monograph or project. 


After establishment of Computer Science Department in Education Faculty of Paktia University in 1393, the lecturers of the mentioned Department and leadership of Pakti University tried to convert this Department into Faculty. At the result of these efforts, the Ministry of Higher Education approved this Faculty to be existed on 1398/07/15 including two fields of study (Information Systems and Network Engineering) and a staff of fifteen individuals: (9) professors and (6) administrative and in-service positions. This Faculty officially started working in 1399. Currently in this Faculty, around 130 students are being taught practically based on modern technology.