Dean of Medical Faculty


A Brief Biography Dean of 

Former Dean of the Medical Faculty

Dr. Mohammad Sharif “Furqani”

Dean of Medical Faculty


Alhaj Pohanyar Dr. Mohammad Sharif Furqani, son of Mirza Mohammad, grandson of Omar Khan, who was born in 1353 in a pious family in Balada village of Gardez, the capital of Paktia province.

When the Ariana Informal University merged with Paktia University in the 1390, Medicine Faculty of Paktia University faced with shortage of lecturers. Therefore, Dr. Furqani, along with a number of other Doctors, started teaching to medical students in the university and continued this job for three years with full courage and honesty. After performing many volunteer services at the University, Furqani was appointed as the Official Lecturer in Interior Department, Faculty of Medicine, Paktia University at 17/11/1392. In addition to teaching at the faculty, he also worked as Head of Interior Department for three years. Furqani’s best services in the field of medicine, he was appointed as the official dean of the medical faculty of Paktia University by the order of the President Ashraf Ghani in 1399.