Biography of Computer science faculty

Dean of the Computer Science Faculty 

Name: Professor Gulab Jan Sajjad 

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Phone: +93777642378

Pohanmal Gulab Jan Sajjad son of Daud Jan was born in 1360 in Paktia Province, Said Karam District, Ismail Khel Karez Village. During immigration period, he has studied primary and middle school in Koram Agency of the Koza Pashtoonkhwa in Pakistan. He has completed high school studies in Dawat High School of Peshawar in 1382. In 1383, he passed the Kankor exam and was enrolled in Computer Science Faculty of Kabul Education University for bachelor studies. He completed his bachelor studies in 1386 in mentioned University. As Mr. Sajjad was so interested in teaching, he has been recruited as lecturer in Paktia University based on his qualification, in 1389. In promoting of education, Mr. Sajjad got his master degree from the SHIATS University of India in the field of Computer Science in 1393. Beside teaching, he has worked in different committees and academic positions in Paktia University. He worked as Deputy Dean of Education Faculty from 1393 to 1395. Also, he worked as Head of the Computer Science Department of the Education Faculty until 1399. On 1399/06/17, he was appointed as Dean of the Computer Science Faculty based on the order numbered 1447 of the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. He is still busy in this position.