Animal Science Department

Animal Science Department Brief Biography of Head of Animal Science Department, Agriculture Faculty, Paktia University. Name: Mohammad Dawood Shirzad. Education: Master of Poultry Science. Occupation: Head of Animal Science Department, Agriculture Faculty, Paktia University. Assistant professor Mohammad Dawood Shirzad son of Aziz Khan. Was born in 1979, at zone two Jalalabad city, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. He Joined Kamashinray primary school at Sawabai Kamp, Pakistan, he completed his Secondary high school at Nangarhar high school and he completed his high school at Etihad high school at Peshawar Pakistan. Shirzad participated at entrance exam (Kankor national exam) in 1999, and passed to Veterinary Science Faculty of Nangarhar University, Afghanistan. He got it his DVM degree with higher marks in 2003. After his graduation from the Veterinary Science Faculty, Nangarhar University, Soon he jointed Nangarhar high school and work as a Teacher of Biology Subject, after one year in 2004 he Joined Oxfam GB Badakhshan program and work as Livestock officer. After three years in 2007, he Joined Paktia University and work as an assistant professor at Animal science department, Agriculture faculty, Paktia University. After four years in 2010 he went to India and joined Veterinary College Bangalore and started his master degree in poultry science department and after successfully completed of his master degree in 2012 he returned back to his country Afghanistan and joined his work. Shirzad participated at national and international level workshops and conferences and worked as OBE and SCL champion at Paktia University, since 2017 and he delivered OBE and SCL workshop to deferent level faculties and department’s members and recently he is working as a head of animal science department, faculty of Agriculture, Paktia University. It is important to mention that he has conducted researches and published several research papers at national and international journals. Last of present lecturers in animal science department Education grad Position Father name Pen name Name No Thesis Master Assistant Professor Aziz khan Shirzad Mohammad Dawood 1 Thesis Master Assistant Professor Abdurahman Rahmani Abdul saboor 2 Thesis Master Assistant Professor Abdul qadar Ahmadi Mohammad Sadar 3 Thesis Master Assistant Lecturer Joyan Ahmadullah 4