History of Medical Faculty



The Medical faculty of Aryana Private Peshawar based University in 1390 Shifted to Paktia and fetched/joined with Paktia University by having (1136) students and (7) contractual teachers Since starting  till now 7 time graduates to the community, total (893) students including female.

Currently in 1397 (627) students are there in Medical faculty consist of 556 male students and 71 female students.

The Academic staff of this faculty is being promoted to 22 teachers, 2 other teachers are getting their master degree.

20 teachers of Medical faculty have lecturer degree while 2 others have assistant lecturer degree.

There are 3 departments in academic combination of Medical faculty:

  • Para clinic department
  • Surgery department
  • Interior (Internal Medicine) department

For the upcoming academic year making departments of Histopathology, Physiology, Anatomy, Rational nervous and Gynecology, are being proposed to ministry of higher educations.

This faculty has special Library and Laboratory but both of them (the library and the laboratory) are faced with the lack of books and medical equipment, also there are Pharmacy, Anatomy and health counseling rooms that students can use. Most of the teaching rooms are being equipped with projectors.

Medical faculty has its own teaching hospital including 36 technical and non-technical staff. Dr Noor Mohammad Wali “Totakhil” is the head of this hospital. This teaching hospital doesn’t have its own building but based on a protocol it has been joined with Paktia regional hospital. Medical students can do their practices in this hospital and this is the best possible way.

After consecutive struggles and efforts Medical faculty of Paktia University accepted by the WHO in 1395