Dean of the law and political science faculty

Name: Abdulmatin jalili S/name: Abdu Jalil Birth: 1987 Origin place: Laghman Educational Grade: Master Academic Rank: Assistants Professor Appointment date at Paktia University: 2012 / 9 /17 Department: Administration & Diplomacy He started his primary education in 1994 and got Graduated certificate from AL Noor_Etammo High School at Peshawar in 2006. So then he participated in kankor exam and through the Exam he has started high education at Shikh Zayed Bin sultan Alnahian University of khost in field of Law and political science department of Administrative & Diplomacy. Subsequently in 2010 he graduated as bachelor from sheikh zayed Alnahin university , so then in 2012 through the an open competition he has started teaching as academic staff member of paktia university in faculty of law and political science , department of administrative & Diplomacy . In 2017 he started the master program in department of international relation at Kabul University and graduated in 2019, since 2022 with special order of prime minister the responsibility of being dean of law and political science is on his shoulder and, currently he is leading the faculty as dean