11th Shawal 1444 AH, Paktia University

Sat, May 06 2023 2:57 PM

11th Shawal 1444 AH, Paktia University

 An anti-littering campaign aimed environmental protection was launched at Paktia University. At this campaign university's chancellor Senior Teaching Assistant Obaidullah Akhundzada, vice-chancellor of administrative affairs Saifullah Mohammadi faculty members, administrative and support staff, and students participated to clean up the university's premises and surroundings.

Chancellor Obaidullah Akhundzada instructed environmental protection as a shared responsibility of the entire campus and added that all efforts must be made to ensure that the university should be kept clean and free from any possible pollution that could harm the campus and its environment. In this regard, Mr. Akhundzada requested the cooperation of all relevant organizations. He also thanked them for their active participation in this regard.

Vice-Chancellor of administrative affairs Saifullah Mohammadi, also emphasized the importance of environmental protection and encouraged everyone to contribute towards this cause. He also added that this volunteer contribution will help other people of the society to draw inspirations of contribution for a pollution-free environment.

In addition, students also showed their happiness regarding the campaign for it would provide a clean and calm learning environment.

It is mentionable that this was not the first campaign but a continuous effort to ensure that the university's premises remain clean and free from all forms of pollution. The leadership of Paktia University would continue to work towards this goal to make sure the surroundings are clean and free of harmful deposits.

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