Administration and Diplomacy Department

Administration and Diplomacy Department




  1. An overview of this academic program

 department of administration and diplomacy is established in the administration of faculty of law and political science of Paktia University in the year 1390 A.H. from the date of 7/8, the structure was officially governed by higher education order and prior to date it was administered by a trustee. In accordance with the curriculum and LLB regulations provided by the ministry of higher education, taking into account the needs and demands of the community in the department of administration and diplomacy, a total of three semesters, the curriculum is taught according to the length of the period and between a minimum of two curved ideals which do not exceed five credits per semester. Includes 5 to 50 minutes of the theoretical lessons, as well as 5 hours of practical and laboratories activities corresponding to one lesson, with sentences no more the 5 percent basic, at least 5 percent professional and specialized, as well. The inclusion of 3% of optional subjects, including university enrolment, covers the entire undergraduate course, upon completion of which its departmental students are recognized as bachelor’s degree graduates from the semester

2. Vision

The foundation of the Department of law education hopes that in the field of legal and regulations education, one of the top 3 educational institutions in the country and one of the top 10 educational institution in the region will have a quality in Islamic and international. And shines with motivational neck.

3. Mission

The mission is to educate young people (lawyers, attorneys, etc.) on the basis of a standard and unified curriculum, with a bachelor's degree in religious and national values ​​for the purpose of sociology, understanding, participation and success in society. Advocates and Judges), trainers, and members of the academic staff determine their course and focus in their respective academic, practical and professional careers and teaching activities, which students learn through theoretical and practical training. He has acquired professional training and skills, which are essential for building a transparent and strong justice sector, governance and the rule of law, and for providing effective and useful services there, as well as providing opportunities for the people. Get to know the legal system better and enjoy the great divine blessings of freedom, security, peace, progress and prosperity through better experience of justice.

4. organizational chart of the Administration and Diplomacy Department:



5. Detailed information about lecturers




علمي رتبه/ د تحصيل کچه/ ځای/ رشته


Sulaiman Basharmal


Assistant professor/ India, political Science, Administration and Diplomacy Department


Obaidullah Akhundzadah


Assistant professor/ Kabul University, international Relations Administration and Diplomacy Department


Abdul Mateen Jalily


Assistant professor/ kabul university, International Relations, Administration and Diplomacy Department


Muhebullah Faizan


Assistant professor/ Ningrahar University,International Relations, Administration and Diplomacy Department


Khair M khairkhwa


Assistant professor/ kabul university, International Relations, Administration and Diplomacy Department


Sawab Gul Faizi


Assistant professor/ Iran Law, Administration and Diplomacy Department


Abdul Nasir Stanikzai


Assistant professor/ Nangarhar university, Law, Administration and Diplomacy Department


Bakhtyar gul Ahmadzai


Assistant professor/India, Political Science, Administration and Diplomacy Department



6.Contact information of Administration and Diplomacy deportment:

Head of Department


Assistant professor Sulaiman Basharmal


Paktia province/Gardez city, Paktia University, Law and Political science, Department of Administration and diplomacy

Phone. Number