Biography of PU's Vice Chancellor, Students Affairs

A brief introduction with student’s affairs Assistant of Paktia University

A student’s affairs Assistant short life time history

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Name: Dear Professor Naqibullah Zazai

F/Name: Salih Mohammad

D-O-B: 1987 Kabul province, Afghanistan

A few month of his life has been passed in Kabul, then his family come to his native tribe/ Father land Amirkhail village, Aryoub Zazi district, Paktia Province, Afghanistan. Then his family has gone to Karam Agency, Pakistan when here was war time in Afghanistan, he was lived in Karam agency for 7 years old.

Then his family come again to them own mother land Aryoub Zazi district, Paktia province, Afghanistan. He started him school when he was 7th years old in Engineer Khial Mohammad School in 1993, he completed him study from 1th to 9th class in this School. Then he gone to
Military school, Kabul city, Afghanistan, he was for one year in this school but when the Islamic government of Afghanistan destroyed/ finished this school so for again he come to him own land Aryoub Zazi district and he start him school from 11th in Aryoub Zazi High School, but for some reasons he gone to Khoshal Khan High school, Kabul city, Afghanistan, he got him 12th graduation Certificate from Khoshal Khan High School in 2004. Then professor attended the kankor Exam in 1383 and could pass to the faculty of Civil Engineering of Shikh Zahid University, Khost Province, Afghanistan. Professor started him faculty in 2005 and he finished him 5 years faculty time in 2009. After his graduation from Civil Engineering faculty of Khost University he worked for two year in deferent organizations in Afghanistan. Regretfully he could pass to the University lecturer job in engineering faculty of Paktia University in 2010. After some time he was come to head post of this faculty, in the same year the university leadership selected him for the assistant post of this faculty. After some time university of Paktia selected him for temporary dean post of engineering faculty. He done well this job for 3 years. After this he has gone to India government for Master degree studies and he has completed him Master degree in Structure department, Civil engineering. Then he come back to him own mother land Afghanistan. He start him job again, for again the leadership of Paktia University selected him to the temporary dean post of engineering faculty, Paktia University. Then the leadership of Paktia University selected him to administrative affairs assistant of Paktia University in 2018-08-06.

Finally he come to educational affairs assistant post of Paktia University by the request of Ministry of Higher Education and by precept of the president of Islamic republic of Afghanistan in 2018-11-14. He continue this job up to now (ongoing).

Best Regard To

Educational Affairs Assistant of Paktia University